Prices and services

Service Price Description
Buy $LZC $5 You can buy $LZC tokens and use them on the platform for their intended purpose, as well as purchased $LZC tokens you can withdraw to your purse.
Voting FREE You can post information about a coin for free, and vote every 6 hours.
Referral $LZC 0.05 LZC Share your unique referral link to earn 0.05 LZC of your friends' earnings in HODLX!
Buy Votes 0.005 LZC You can buy once a month from 1 VOTE to 1,000 VOTE and vote for your favorite coins.
Promo Bannres 2 LZC You can place your own banners on the LaunchBar platform by specifying the time period of publication.
Promo Tokens 2 LZC You have the opportunity to advertise your token on the LaunchBar platform by specifying its advertising period.
Surfing 0.05 LZC Site views, site advertising. Payouts for views in $LZC tokens.
Staking Comming soon Blockchain stacking is the process of storing funds in to support blockchain network operations.
Hippodrome Comming soon The platform provides the game "Hippodrome" with the possibility of the prize of 90% of the total pool.
Launch+ Comming soon About this section, its applications, information will be open later.
Authorization Active Use your 🦊 MetaMask wallet to access the platform in your personal cabinet.


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